Wellness Treatments

Wellness Treatments

March 2, 2022 2022-03-03 23:57

Our massages to pamper your well-being.

At Relais Borghetto, we care about your well-being. Therefore, we offer a wellness experience on our premises. Tension relieving, classic, and sports massages. Choose the one best suited for your needs.

Our professional masseur and physiotherapist, Matteo Zoccatelli, will be at your service.
Book your massage at the reception desk or online when booking your stay on our website.

Classic Massage

40' - 50€

Although called “classic”, this massage provides several benefits, including relaxation of body and mind, toning, drainage of toxins and excess fluids, relieving tightness and muscle tension, improving circulation.

Connective tissue massage

40' - 50€

The connective tissue manipulation counteracts or relieves disorders localised within the treatment area, providing additional beneficial effects on organs and tissues located even deeper.

Myofascial Massage

40' - 50€

A myofascial massage is a massage technique that penetrates deep into the muscle fascia and the structural aponeurosis, which is the strong connective tissue that covers the muscle bellies, connects them to each other and allows them to easily slide over each other.

Sports Massage

40' - 50€

A sports massage is a special type of massage performed on specific areas of the body in order to improve athletic performance… draining effect combined with an accelerated removal of lactic acid and of the metabolic waste produced while exercising.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(Vodder method)

40' - 60€

The LDM stimulates an increase in lymphatic angiomotricity and drainage of the interstitium, which promotes the movement of liquids, proteins and immune cells, and the elimination of catabolites and various waste products, providing adequate blood flow to the tissues. According to Dr. Vodder, this technique consists in performing harmonious, slow and rhythmic movements that respect the physiological parameters of lymphatic flow and do not induce stimuli that could cause “lymphatic vessel spasms”. It also has other scientifically proven effects such as sympatholytic and pain-relieving effects. It is also believed to have a positive effect on the immune system, thus increasing the body’s defences.

Deep tissue Massage

40' - 50€

A deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at relieving muscle contractures.
It is therefore a form of manipulation designed and implemented for what can be described as therapeutic purposes.

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